Friday, February 10, 2012

Why. WHY?!?

WHY did no one tell me I was going to have canker sores on every corner and surface of the inside of my mouth? WHY did no one tell me they were going to fuckin HURT? my teeth? fine, sensitive, but just fine. my cheeks inside? could no one have thought to mention this??

WHY did no one tell me I'd have HOOKS on the bands on the INSIDE of my back four teeth, making it virtually impossible to perform unmentionable bedroom and, may I add VERY IMPORTANT, tasks!??? W.T.F!!! NO one really thought these were imperatives in my decision to get braces? really, NO ONE??

This shit better get better or... or... or else!!! >:[

Now I will painfully continue to eat my borracho and mucho mango arizona. As a huge canker sore gets caught on a wire each and every time I open and close my mouth, like a jump rope getting stuck on a stone each time it passes the ground. yeah, you have no idea.

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