Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 2 Brace Face

I was having a kind of shitty day yesterday so I didn't post but yesterday was 2 weeks with braces.
So many weird malfunctions yesterday. I was taking my daughter to school and the stoplight was not working. I could see the lights perpendicular to me were going from green to green+green arrow, back and forth and back. My light stayed red, I was about the third car in line. I know we all realized this after about 5 minutes. I wasn't about to sit there my whole life make my daughter late to school, so I backed up a few feet, got into the right lane, turned right, then in a beautiful instant flipped a cheecahno u-dturn (you have to read that with the accent) and was on my way again. I thought I was high when I asked my daughter, "is it me or does it seem like we've been sitting at this light for forever?" She confirmed I was not, in fact, high. I love that she just started to be able to determine time and dates and the like, and help a Mama out in these times when I think I'm crazy.

So then I get to work and lo and behold, my letter P wont work. My luck turns out that I have a "p" in my last name/sign on. great. After some troubleshooting of my own, including switching out keyboards, I diagnosed the problem as a software issue. Called the IT, they logged off an open ghost session I have no control of, and voila. On with the rest of my life again. :)

Even though I was in a bad mood most of the rest of the day, I tried not to get too pissed or annoyed, successfully avoided any conflict, and got shit done. I know today'll be a better day--when the only other direction is up--and because I took my crazy pills today. Well, not really they're actually Thyroid hormone pills because 3/4 of my Thyroid gland is GONE. yeah. So I'm kind of a bitch when I am all imbalanced. At least I know why and that I need to be that much more conscientious of taking them in the morning. I never forget them! Been so stressed out lately that some things just spill over. But spilling that over is like blood on the floor. :/

Well here's week 2's update!

 Still crooked, still have scrapes, cuts, and raw parts inside my cheeks but its not AS bad. Just getting used to it, and my mouth is getting tougher. I am still getting new sore spots. Flossing is a pain in the butt, but I hate not flossing so I do it. I brush at least 4x a day, after every time I eat, even snacks. I feel like a constant bad breath, but I ordered a breath spray from Melaleuca, works pretty good. It's kind of like Binaca--remember that stuff? lol. I dont chew gum. Its too hard to. Its also pretty hard to cover my inside hooks with wax. eh.

So yah, I don't think they've moved at all yet. maybe microscopically.

I have a slight complex because my loving bf said he fell in love with all of me, including my teeth, and that he'll think I'll look weird/ugly with straight teeth. Well I think about that too, and I know I'll look great but I understand what he means. I think guys are just crap at seeing potential and I know he'll love me more then not because of my teeth but because we will be that much closer and longer together. And I won't have hooks inside my mouth anymore.
Note to self: Do a working slideshow of my braces progress months 1-6 @6 months with weekly photos. Que bueno idea.

Also, Happy Frigin Birthday SISTAR!!!!! ha ha, you're old! lol jk.... love ya!!!

yep. it was like that, except DOUBLE the ice cream and DOUBLE the fudge.
Thanks for sharing ur Bday with me, Sis! <3

hasta luego Pandaritos! ♪ยช£¡♫

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  1. Thanks Pandar for the shout out...I love you! Don't worry bout your teeth getting straight your honey will like you having straight teeth...mine says I do um, certain things better with straight teeth...take from that what you!