Thursday, February 2, 2012

braces update #3

Today I got spacers in between all my back molars... They are little round plastic thingies they floss through that create space so when they put bands around the molars there'll be enough space in there. My teeth are so squished together it was pretty hard for the dental assistant to get them in!! Considering I JUST got four teeth pulled and my mouth is still hella sore it kinda frigin hurt. I didnt make a big deal about it because the office is like an open office with chairs in a circular room and little kids were getting their teeth done too. I spared them my pirate language, cause I'm totally courteous like that.
Here's what they look like :)

See the little white lines between my back molars? yep that's the spacers. Sorry for the nasty holes where they pulled my teeth out are. they're nasty for even me to look at. Yea anyways they dont feel bad just like little rubbery things that I can feel when I bite down a lil. I keep bouncing my bite on them, haha. There's 8 in: between each of my molars.

Sometimes when people have the spacers, they can come out, in which case they have to put them back in. So obvi no gum or sticky junk like caramel or the like. I am SO hating life without gum. I am an obsessive gum chewer. >:/

What I am really happy about are a couple things:
1. The DA said my teeth are going to move very quickly.!!!! My canines aka Vampire teeth will be moving into the right place in about a month. WOW! frigin awesome! I saw in ashmariee94's youtube channel, she has SUCH a similar tooth layout and her canines moved very fast. So I am very confirmed about this.

2. I moved my brace day up -- to next wednesday the 8th!! Originally it was for the 14th (yes, I realize this was valentines day). But I just really dont want to wait that long, and dont have to, so, I wont! durrr! YAY so excited. I know anyone who's been through orthodontics and is reading this will probably understand that a) it's quite a -sometimes long- process, and b) you kind of just want to get it over with already! Right?

The spacers should give enough room for bands in one week. The bands are put on so that the can attach the brackets (braces) to them, since the brackets would not really stick very well just to your molars. I think one reason is because molars aren't really flat like our front teeth are; they have that little valley in them, ya know?

Here's a couple pics of the massive GAPS from the extractions. yes, you should look because it's the kind that is "pretty gross yet you can't look away from it"
Yep. Massive.

I decided to walk to my appt today, since I work about 2 miles from the ortho office, it was a beautiful day, and because I haven't gotten to work out hard for the last couple days since you can't right after getting teeth extracted. The dentist said my gaps are healing real well though so I can work out again. Good! I only had to take a couple days off. I'm not a workout freak, but I am on the slimfast diet (for losing weight and because of the soft-food diet I'm on from my teeth treatments). ANYways... wow tangent. talk about blah blah.
So on my way to the office, I actually ran into the two ortho Dr's Dr White and Dr Grube coming back from their lunch, I assume. We stopped to chat for a second (they are super nice and are so excited for me to be able to finally get my braces!). They said they were just talking about me recently because I have "such a great personality and my outcome is going to be so amazing" ;) Man, if they need an employee I'm gonna let them know because I LOVE their office too! They are very excited for me to say the least. :) Believe me, I AM TOO!! I told them I am blogging about my journey and that I sure am dropping their names too. hehe :)

I wanted to do a video today of my update, but I'm still too shy to be a tv personality yet. Funny, since I was named after a newscaster. irrelevant? probably. but that's Pandar. I throw random shit in there just to keep it Pandar.

I took some meds cause them dientes still hurt, so...

hasta luego Pandaritos! ♪ยช£¡♫

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