Friday, February 3, 2012


Reciprocation: a) a mutual exchange, b) a return in kind or of like value, and c) an alternating motion.
It's Give and Take. It's you do for others, others do for you or at least pass it on.

How long will I choose to make another person a priority in my life when they choose not to make me a priority in their life?

I feel such a fool.

Edit: on an unrelated note, my teeth fuckin hurt. And I don't even have the braces yet, just spacers. They are moving my teeth so I am assuming it will feel like this ALL over my mouth when I get them on... I can't eat. It's seriously so painful. But, alas,

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  1. Pandar! It'll be okay...YES it will hurt, initially and then every time they tighten the wires, but your mouth adjusts to it over time and it's not as painful as when you first start. With my invisalign the first few trays were torturous, they cut my mouth up, and they just felt weird and awful...but then now 6 months into it, it still hurts when i change trays for a day or so, but i'm used to having them, they don;t cut my mouth as much, and its way easier. Lovya Sistar! xoxo