Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 6 Update

Hey Y'all. I'm a little less ornery today, which is good. I did, however, have a small cup of coffee (which I rarely do!) just now because I was tired, but overall I'm alright today. My fingers are happy and felt like tapping at some keys for an update.

Here's my zigzag smile (referring to the wires). I'm surprised it doesn't look that bad in pictures. (some reg/not just my teeth pics below)
Like I said I feel pretty good, still sensitive and can't eat normal food, but I tried chewing gum the other day and besides it getting stuck in the inside hooks it wasn't too bad. One thing I can't stand is bad breath and I somehow feel like my breath smells (hence why I chew gum constantly) but it probably doesn't. I'm just paranoid about that. The only bad breath I dont mind is my Hunny's, but that's really just all love. haha.

ziggy marley zaggy!

I also eat like a cow. See-food!

Power chains and all...can you hear the chainsaw? rennnnrennnrennnnnnrrrr!!!
I dont get why there's no wire or attachment to the backmost side (bottom right) is cutting into my cheek, too. So why couldn't they put those on when they actually needed them? no se.

So yep. I am going to plan on a weekly update, since teeth move pretty fast. I want the whole progress on this blog! I know I will want to look back a year, two years from now and see how much they've moved!! yay!

Random Poker Night pic. oh yah!
Me n my Baby

hasta luego Pandaritos! ♪ยช£¡♫

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