Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Los Agaves

I was blessed to be taken to Los Agaves restaurant (the one on Milpas) yesterday. We'd been wanting to see what people rave about, being the mexican restauranteurs we are. :)

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My Hunny and I agreed that the smell of the food, presentation, and overall atmosphere was indeed autentico. We sat by the window, and even though some of the tables are a little close together, there was plenty of space in the dining areas (there are 3, we sat in the brightest main area near the kitchen). It is an open kitchen. The service is good but it is not a typical staff setup; there are runners bringing the food out to tables (they give you a service number) and no designated wait staff attending tables. I actually liked that I could have a conversation without being asked how the food was every 5 minutes. (My Hunny and my family are servers so I definitely recognize [tip big] waiters!) We just called the attention of a runner when we needed something, no problem.

I should have taken pics of the food (have to get in the habit of that!), but I ordered ceviche and the Los Agaves Ensalada. My Hunny got Molcajetes con steak. His was aMAZing. My salad was also amazing; it had mixed greens, tomates, queso, mandarin oranges, mango, aguacates of which no salad is complete without, and a house balsalmic dressing. SO GOOD. The ceviche was very fresh and good. We still decided El Pescador (still the favorite) makes ultimately the BEST ceviche, ever. My love ate the rest of my salad later that day, and I had the rest of my ceviche for lunch today and it was still very fresh and delicious. So you can conclude that a) I don't eat a ton always, and b) the portions were pretty good. One dish was good for one person.

Overall I give it an B+.

But if you want some A++++++ mar y tierra mexican food, go to El Pescador (Santa Paula or Fillmore)! No, I dont get paid to advertise them. I just love El Pescador! lol.

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