Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day two without cell phone

So I have a good idea about what I want this blog to be like, who I want it to speak to, and what I will and will not share. But who knows what it will turn out on the way? I'd like to leave that open. I'm not even going to do an introduction or anything, just start a day to day "what's Pandar's life like at this moment" and see where it goes from there :)

So today I forgot my cell phone. again. No, it is not imperative to my being or my sanity. I really just like that I can play my music/Pandora while I'm at work. Also on the days I dont walk for lunch I will sit outside behind my building on *my* lovely iron chair and eat while watching netflix (current show: Make it or Break it!). And my hunny texts me more when I have my phone, so that's always nice :) Really the only thing that bothers me about forgetting my phone is, the forgetfulness part. Pandar is an absent-minded Pandar. I am known to miss my freeway exit on occasion. What's weird is I am really good at remembering dates and paying bills and such. Just not bringing items with me or driving the most efficient directions. Oh well. Will try again tomorrow!

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