Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pandar eats!

Buenos Dias! I decided I will be posting much of what Pandars eat. It might surprise you that Pandar is very much a carnivore. If you want to read about vegan muffins and sugar/dairy/gluten/whatever else people avoid (flavor free), go read the hippie blogs. Just kidding!! I realize many vegetarians are pretty cool (normal). I don't judge. BUT, serve me a salad and you bet your flat ass I'll be asking for some steak or chicken right on top. ;)
I'll be taking pics of the food I make. And oh. My. Goodness. Do I make the best salads. It's true! My hunny says so and yes, he is quite the authority on the subject. You shall see :)

Because I have not yet taken the time to learn how to post/combine pics with blogging via my iphone directly yet, here's an update from last night:
exhibit a: pre-run snack. aguacate Oh yah with s&p and lots of Tapatio. Just one way to enjoy them ;)
exhibit b: Strawberry/Banana/Cantelope smoothie.
edit: I froze some and brought it to work with me for breakfast today, which was an amazing idea. Of course, because Pandar is amazing spectacular smarter than the average Pandar.

I use ismoothrun app because it gives me updates (I have them set to each mile) without me having to constantly look at my phone while I'm running. *note to self: get a damn holster or something so you dont have to hold it anymore.
I am slow because I am a fattie not yet a real runner. Looking at my splits ('nother reason I like ismoothrun!), I can see how much I had to walk during miles 3, 5, and 6.
And you'd only know this if I told you that I also wear a million layers. That's a sports bra, tank, my hunnys thick thermal longsleeve, yoga pants, and sweat pants over the yoga ones. Its turrible torture. I am sweating my ass off, literally ;)

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