Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...closer than I was yesterday


Photo Courtesy:  anditslove
*courtesy of positivelypresent.tumblr

There is actually, a first in my life, nothing wrong or out of place. Yeah I have stuff I need to do. Yeah I have concerns and worries. Yeah I have daily responsbilities. But everything really is as it should be.

Wow. You mean I can breathe? I can relax? I dont have to react because there's nothing worth reacting to? I am not being challenged or judged every second? My intentions are not being called into question anymore? I am surrounded by healthy, normal, non-addict people? I am free? I am free.

Pandar, nothing's broken. Stop trying to fix things. Everything is as it should be. You can relax and enjoy life now. You can trust yourself to just be you. The uninhibited you. The real you. Put away the worries and stresses of yesterday, love the moment you're in, and have complete hope and faith in your positive future. Yes, you can. You will. Today forward. Go.

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