Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Power of Pandar Positivity

I am committing myself today to a Positive Life.

Today and every day. I am burying the innate or learned negativity I've practiced battled for 26 years. Life is way too short and precious to retain past mistakes and the guilt associated with them, negative attitudes, jealousy, anger, pain, grudges, and any and all other negative emotions or feelings in my life. I am throwing away the belief I had previously kept about "there are no negative emotions" ("just ones you learn from"). That is BS, and it's not working for me. There ARE negative emotions. Negative emotions are any feelings that send you further from your goals, that isolate yourself or the people you love, or that affect yourself and others in a *negative* (or defeating) way.

I am committing to rid my thoughts, actions, and beliefs of negativity. I am going to accomplish that by allowing, inviting, and insisting that only positive thoughts, actions, and beliefs dwell in me as a person. When negative thoughts enter my mind, I commit to be realistic but replace them with positive thoughts so that my actions and beliefs will be wholly positive. I have control of my thoughts, actions, and beliefs, and I can make them positive simply by choice. It may be difficult to see, but I believe that I can find AT LEAST one positive thing about ANY situation, and that is what I am committing to do. From this day forward.
I will start by replacing any negative thoughts about myself with positive affirmations!

I am smart
I am creative
I am patient
I am loving
I am silly
I am healthy
I am a great mom
I am whole
I am faithful
I am giving
I am grateful
I am proud
I am generous
I am kind
I am thoughtful
I am organized
I am clean
I am happy
I am a good example
I am always learning
I am beautiful
I am complete
I am conscientious
I am good
I am talented
I am musical
I am sweet
I am determined
I am independent
I am strong
I am aware
I am able to laugh
I am growing
I am peaceful
I am spirited
I am full of life
I am flexible
I am joyful
I am awesome :)
I am a good time
I am able to have fun
I am present
I am a good listener
I am getting better every day
I am great with kids
I am gentle
I am gracious
I am forgiving
I am lovely
I am a good influence
I am able to conquer ANYTHING
I am a good cook
I am colorful
I am bright
I am a lady
I am sexy
I am fashionable
I am modest
I am sensible
I am frugal
I am affectionate
I am wholesome
I am fun
I am excited
I am looking forward to so much in life

Who knows? This blog may become a sunshine out the ass positivity blog! lol. maybe....

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