Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Graced by Grace

I cant stop listening to this!

“Its His Pleasure, and its His will, that motivates Him to do all of this for us… it has NOTHING to do with what you are able to do…My worth, my self-esteem, my value, is not hinged on my ability to perform well in this life, its defined by an eternally existing God who finds pleasure in lavishing grace on me.”

"It is totally the unmerited grace of God that bring us into His presence.”

This is my purpose for life. Billy also says that We are, I am, I have, nothing going for me apart from Jesus Christ. I am completely, totally, bad. I am nothing apart from the "unmerited grace of God" that was given to me unearned, undeserved, for God's pleasure and for no other reason than to bring glory to God.
There is supposed to be a sense of freedom in this, which is no more than a little seed in me, but I hope to grow by living in the Word and feeding myself with the Truth...

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