Friday, November 4, 2011

F U Friday

You know those days where, no matter how hard you try, having a good attitude about things and the smallest of faith in humankind is just seemingly impossible? Fuckin H, man.

Ok so I woke up more tired than usual. No big deal, happens all the time. Late to work this week, resigned to contribute it to the fact that this happens every year right before the time goes back to a godly schedule. Eff you, time changes. why the f do we still participate in this? Maybe I should move to AZ where it's hotter than bejeezus and aint shit to do, but hey! At least they keep human hours. Or Europe, where they take 2 hour siestas every day. OOO even better...

Still. Put on a happy face, doing my work and helping my *one nice* coworker cause she's not a hating ass bitch to me for no reason like the rest of the low-life chismosas I have the priviledge of working with.
Yet I tell myself each and every time the one other b* I have to be in the same dept. as turns into a yippy shit (-tsu) that I want to put a muzzle on daily not because of her weak ass bite but because of her shrieking-as-fuck deputy-no-badge bark that never fails to boil my blood out of sheer annoyance. I dont even care if that wasnt a complete sentence just now, cause that's how much air-time she deserves on MY blog.

Maybe this all has something to do with the fact that my FINE AS FUCK boyfriend came to get the car and I invited myself to lunch his treat all scruffy and handsome cute con pelo de acolchonadito yesterday and was, for the first time, waiting at my office door while I checked out. To say the least the fugly chismosas I work with were acting a fool by checking him out as if they had a chance. He wouldnt give a shit about these b*s if they had platinum p*'s.

anyways. Hopefully this comes across funny and or entertaining and not oober-negative. English humor people. I'm dry as a martini with a single olive, no cute little red-pepper center either.
Later haters

Beso mi nalgas blancas.

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