Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Before braces...

I am so!!!!!!! self-conscious to post these pictures, but I decided I want to document my progress when I get braces in dun dun! two weeks. I got my wisdom teeth out about two years ago in preparation for this, and I need FOUR more teeth out before I have enough space to work with. Talk about severe crowding, holy cow. I needed braces when I was like 12. So 15 years later here I am.
-I am so excited-
Not so much to have them on, although I think I'll get used to them quickly (as in, be more comfortable when the surprise wears off of others). More so because ive been waiting SO long to have straight teeth. The before and after is gonna be insanely different.

So I had my initial consultation with Dr White a couple weeks ago, then I went in a few days later for x-rays and molds of my teeth/mouth. So now two weeks later I will sit down tomorrow and go over the treatment plan. It sucks because Ima be all excited today, then I have to wait ANOTHER two weeks because thats the earliest the DDS (father of the other orthodontist who shares the office with Dr White) could get my appointment for the extractions >:| It better go by fast. Im gonna make my appt for them to put the braces tomorrow so its just a few days after my extractions. I want this crap Done already. So anxious.

And so I publish these very ugly looking and embarassing pictures of my teeth, and how they look right now.

Treatment plan update later.....

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