Friday, January 20, 2012

Toofs update

Alrighteythen! So I had my consult with the scheduler at Dr White's office yesterday... I thought all the preparations were pretty much done, but besides the extractions (scheduled for tuesday, Jan 31st), I have to have spacers put in all four corners between my molars in the back (top and bottom, left and right). The spacers are little "o" shaped rings that they "floss" between the teeth to create space and move the molars apart. This is done so that Bands can be placed around the back molar(s), which the brackets will attach to for more support than just gluing the brackets (braces) to the teeth. So I will go in on Feb 2nd for the spacers to be put in (takes 5 minutes), a few days after my extractions. THEN I could have scheduled to be braced (har har) on the 9th, BUT that's my hunny's birthday and we'll be going that weekend to LA to eat and be with family, so I dont want to be a pain in the ass just because I may be in pain. So I thought Valentine's Day was a better option. Ha ha. forreals though, Valentines Day 2012 I WILL GET MY BRACES yaaaaaaay!!!

I'm gonna miss my crooked teeth. serio. they're such a part of me now, lol.

I also will have to wear a retainer after 2 years (when I get my braces off) pretty much for the rest of my life. But eventually only a few nights a week, at night only. So that's not so bad.
This whole thing is so weird to be doing as an adult... If my daughter needs ortho treatment you better believe I'll do it for her just because it really sucks to do this later in life. I mean, who wants to be a brace face at the prime of their life? Well, maybe I havent hit my prime yet, but you get the idea. Doing this as an adult sucks bollas. I'm a great mom so I'll at least spare her this. ;)

mas luego

hasta luego Pandaritos! ♪ยช£¡♫

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