Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pandar has a Birthday

Well, I first have to say that I love my family and that my Hunny is amazing. I know that just being able to be with them they are going to make my birthday this year awesome. :) I'm the kind of person who is happy not doing anything "special" for my birthday, as long as I get to be with those special people in my life. I'll be totally cliche honest when I say their presence is a gift!!
I kind of pretty much already decided what I want to do for my barfday at this point, but I'm going to  draw it out as long as possible because a) I can, and b) I can. Muahahaha!

Since I have my lil girl with me (yay!) on saturday (my actual birthDay), and my Hunny is working (sorry babe!), it gives me the perfect opportunity to have a girl day! So my lovely Sistar invited us to make delicious Red Velvet birthday Cupcakes!! I suggested Cream Cheese frosting filling. I'm kind of thinking more towards chocolate though. Cause, duh! why not! Everything's better in CHOColate! ;)

THEN, I'll totally relax and/or go for a sunny run on Sunday. Monday I took the day off, because I can. And I want to go to Magic again :) (sorry Hunny!) I have to go on X2 with my eyes open the WHOLE time. lol. I've made it a goal for my 27th year, so why not start on that right away?

THEN, because my hunny is aMAzing, he's going to take me to Sushi :) (sorry Hunny! lol) My Love doesnt really like sushi (but he WILL someday muahahaha), so I found this place in LA called Sushi Dan's and they have American food, but the sushi menu looks incredible!! There's one in Studio City so that's not too far. I think maybe I saw it in CityWalk? (confirm/deny?) And I'm pretty sure I wanted to check it out.
THEN, because my Hunny really is an overachiever, he has some other surprises too :) You can get your mind out of the gutter although you can bet your sweet beans there will be some hot gutter-action too, but that's not what I was gonna say, you cochinos. More like perfume cause I never shower so I can smell as good as he always does, and maybe some zapatos blancos because it's another thing I have to keep clean I dont have any white shoes besides my runners, and let's just say they're not exactly "white" anymore. :) But I'm most excited to spend a day with him (plus dinner) and actually have just the two of us [no kids] next week for my birthday week)! Uh oh. I feel a song coming on...
That's for you, Hunny. lol

Course I'll have to show him my dedication song later because he's a self-proclaimed illiterate jagger he prefers me to read things to him. His favorite is when I read The Bitchy Waiter to him, while we're eating in a restaurant. He is also a waiter and always says, "But that is SO true!!" or "That's not even an exaggeration!!" or "People are REALLY like that!!" You know you love you some bitchy waiter.


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  1. I really like the idea of a chocolate filling...yummy!!! (you know I would never turn down chocolate haha!) Can't wait to get together for your birthday!! Lovya Sistar!