Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making Pandar Progress! Birthday!

Last week I got kinda discouraged when I'd run, from stitches and because my millions of layers creep on my neck and try to rear naked choke me. But I kept pressing and trying to run through the sideaches and running with my phone (music/gps trackers are musts!) in my sweatshirt front pocket so the collar left me alone. It worked and I've scored PRs the last two runs. I still am not a great runner and I'm hella slow but you gotta start somewhere, right? Even though my run this morning was only 2.blah blah miles, I set my mind to go the whole time, and met that goal. Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking fmw :)

My pace is getting gradually faster! I always walk the first 5 minutes to warm up so I tried to add that extra 1/4 mile. I'm amazed that people run like 8-9 minute splits! Gives me something to work towards fo sho. It's also hard to go every single day (which I'd like) cause cupcakes life happens.

Birthday Update!
Birthday Cupcakes!!
Red Velvet, Hershey's Kiss in the center, Dark Chocolate Frosting, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Trader Joe's Sugar Choco Mint grinder sprinkles. Quadruple yum. 'Nother win! Thanks Sistar!!

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!! :)
happy happy joy joy
whooo hooo
and Yeahhhhhhh....BUDDY!
Night Bitches!

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