Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coolest Dress I've seen in a while!!

Fug or Fab: Keira Knightley Keira Knightley – Go Fug Yourself

I love this dress!!!

Related: I was totally frustrated this past weekend looking unsuccessfully for a specific dress. My Hunny kept pointing out chiks who were wearing the kind he was thinking of, so that was definitely helpful. I was hoping I could find something at least similar but good grief what's a girl got to do!??
I became slightly depressed over how my white fat thighs look in a short dress after a day of looking, pulling dresses, trying them on, having to yell/whistle my man to come closer to the dressing room so I didnt have to traipse (is that how you spell that? o well.) all the way out uncomfortably, etc. I really hate shopping. I LOVE clothes and shoes and everything in between. Its the trying on and being in sh*tty dressing room light and skinny bitches other people being around while you change into unflattering material that annoy me.
I had all but given up.
I decided to go without my significant other. Men just are incapable of seeing potential, but I can, and I figured I could at least find something to work with. Who the eff do they make clothes to fit now anyway!! Even the "curvy" jeans have WAY too much hip, dude. I want it to hold me IN, not accommodate! aye. Anyways, I take my little girl (she's 6 and likes to hide from me in the clothes when I'm shopping and = me having a fun time shopping) to Old Navy and take a bunch of stuff into a dressing room. I hold several pieces in case a) I dont end up finding anything else and b) that have some potential. One of the first things I held on to was a nice pink/purple/black/green print linen-y skirt with a thick-ish black elastic waist. pretty darn cute. I went back on the floor and found a stretchy basic tank with a round neck and round low back and regular sized straps. That's when my great epiphany turned a light on in my frustratingly dark head. I pulled the skirt, which was originally ankle-length, to under the girls, over the tank. Bingo.
I dont have a sewing machine so I stitched the skirt to the tank how my Mama taught me ("hidden stitch" which doesn't bust when you stretch the seams!). I think sewing is the most useful thing to this day that I learned as a kid that schools don't teach you (do they even still have home ec?). Looks great huh? No, I'm not talking about my manly arms or the cool Hollywood building behind me. ME!! lol.

Do you think sewing should be mandatory for girls to learn? I know I'm very traditional with roles and stuff but equality for sure. I think sewing is for women. And gay men tailors. ;)

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  1. Sewing should definitely be mandatory, along with basic cooking, tipping, surviving in a forest, etc. :)

    Cute dress, I think you did a great job!!