Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sun on Sunday

I always jinx the weather when I so much as think about how I want it to be because I have control over the universe. So I didn't hope for anything and made plans for if it was cloudy/cold or if it turned out nice and sunny. Both involved walking or running and being outside, since thursday and friday I must have been fighting a virus or something. I went home and crashed for like 3 hours (I never do that!) two days in a row. We didn't have any kids this past week so I was loving the me time quiet time sleep time. I also decided to take my diet and exercise seriously (for reals). Anyways, so I was super happy when it was gorgeous by 9am, and called it a beach day.
It's but a short walk from my house and a nice one at that. About 1.65 miles one way along the golf course then along the bird refuge to the end of East Beach. I walked slightly towards Butterfly Beach on the sand and there was like NO ONE else out there except occasional passers-by. I created my sand spot (gotta make butt and boob accomodations!), laid out my towel, put some reggae music and chilled. So. Nice. I wished I had gotten there earlier so I had more tan time, but I had to sew my bathing suit so my girls didnt fall out because it was too loose and I needed walking support. I was sweating like a fat man eating soup shimmering nicely and walking fast (no sandals, running shoes), so I called it a workout.

Don't you wish you could go to the beach every day?? I could make that my job, easily.

Hasta luego Pandaritos!

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  1. Sounds awesome, Pandar! Yeah that totally counts as a workout, fo' sho ;)