Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'm not going to be able to put this book down. I read the first three chapters last night unstoppably, to the slight dismay/content of my HunnyBear; I told him if he ever wants space and for me to leave him alone for a while, just get me a new book. and that *hint, hint* there are two more books in this series. :)

You may also notice that there is also a rack of Costco ribs, FTW. :) I also like tomatoes. (errrnt)

I seriously cant wait to get home JUST to read my book. and my hunny better KHURRYAP with the sequel, cause I'm gonna want it right away!! YAY

Last GREAT book I read was The Help. What was your last good book? What are you reading now?

hasta luego Pandaritos! ♪ยช£¡♫

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  1. I KNOW RIGHT?? I read all 3 literally just while I was up north with Mom and Papa...this is why Kindles are awesome...seriously!!! all 3 in one small space with a built in book light. I didn't sleep the whole trip because I was reading :) Beware your mood though Pandar, the books are the kind of sad that creeps up on you, but totally awesome and totally worth it. right now i'm reading Sophie Kinsella's new one, "You have my number" and it's a great so far! :)