Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten things about Pandar

1. I think people who say they wouldn't do it all over again if they had the chance are full of sh!t.

2. I wonder why if there is a heaven and a hell (which I do believe) that there are also spirits and unliving presences here on earth (seen with my own eyes)... Why aren't they in one of those two places?

3. I think I am one of the most forgiving people I know, but there are some things I personally could never forgive someone for. Well, maybe forgive, but not forget and will want nothing to do with them anymore!

(grabbed from BritChickRuns' blog, love it! sorry, rat lover here...lol)
 4. I constantly surround myself with music. All music. Loud music. Screaming music. Contemplative music. Dancing music. Any and everything. I honestly could not be happy in a day where I wasn't listening to music. 

5. I tend to overreact to situations. I also speak before I think. A lot. It's a maturity thing, obviously. And I'm so over it!!!! >:\

(photo: my first fritatta, inspired by Monica. Yes, it was friggin RICO)
6. I get really intimidated and start shaking when I (try to) speak Spanish to actual Spanish-speakers. I am nervous to say something wrong and hate talking slowly. Yes, I've been laughed at before. haha. It's all good though. Not sure why I still get intimidated!

7. One of my favorite things to ask my mom when I was little was, "Will you tell me a story of when you were little?" because I loved imagining her as a little kid like me, though she seemed ancient and her stories about a hundred years ago. And she's such a young mom! haha! <3 ya mommie!

8. I am VERY impatient and intolerant of myself sometimes. I do have regrets, and I can't think that anyone could honestly say they don't either -- we all must have something we wish we didn't do at some point. And yes, I know it's all for a reason! Still, I'm just sayin.

9. I love coffee, but absolutely cannot drink it. Migraines from hell. Sometimes I forget this, or go into a temporary state of denial, and decide to drink some of this sweet nectar of Columbia Denny's anyway. Why!! Why do I insist on torturing myself this way!? Some people never learn.

10. Last night I was reading Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? and actually forgot how old I was. Frigin A. So I ask my bf, "Hunny, am I 26 or 27?" Of course he's like, wtf? The kids actually end up telling me I am, in fact, 27 years old. I really didnt realize I was that old. And still act like a kid sometimes. wtf.
Grow. Up. Already.

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